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KnightDriveTV Bezel Project UPDATE

The bezel situation has been difficult for KnightDriveTV, for a variety of reasons.  This will update and outline the situation that has led us this far into 2024.  Everything is being done to complete the bezel units and we are actively working on their completion, as a top priority.

August - We initiated the prebuy, anticipating that the bezels would be focused on and created. This was the result of a contractual collaboration with an injection molding company that approached me, offering to create these units.

Sep-Oct - KnightDriveTV suffered a major loss, as outlined by the "Purple Rain" incident on KnightDriveTV youtube channel.  In essense, a major supplier experienced shortages, and took it upon themselves to send us purple LED lights, soldered on the boards, as the main beams.  Clearly this didn't meet our quality requirements. This situation compounded as the escrow company didn't cover our losses.  

In the following months I seeked out another supplier, who received approximately 14k dollars to produce a test run of lights, after seeing samples that matched our needs.  Unfortunately the main shipment was different, leading to additional losses.  The bezels were delayed during this period, due to the potential that many customers may have to be sent different lights, and different bezels.

Nov-Dec - Throughout November and December, a third light supplier stepped forward and confirmed they could meet our needs, and allow us to retain our existing design.  This then allowed me to move forward finalizing the fit on the bezels.  

The collaboration with the mold company existed and I connected with them to express the need to move forward.  By this time, as holidays and Chinese New Year approaches, they advised me I would be behind many orders.

I continued forward, getting to the 90% stage of the bezel design.  The mold company committed to doing texturing and finalization of the design to allow mold extraction, etc.

Dec-Feb - Literally nothing happened during this period.  My design sat with the mold company as they went through the holiday, then the nearly month long shutdown in February for spring festivals.  All returned to work in late February, in China.

March - Present - During this time I began applying pressure heavily, as pressure has mounted on me.  The company, post spring festival contacted me loosely at best.  The company then updated and required a design change, in which we went back and forth through the month of March.

In late March, I contracted a CAD-Injection molding professional to assist with the design and began speaking to other mold companies about making the bezels.

My conflict is, the initial mold company has been paid, and recovering those funds will be tricky, if I were to not go through with the deal.  I am desperately trying to keep things smooth between KDTV and them, but the time is passing by quickly.

Present - June 2024 Outlook/Plan of Action - We are in constant communication with two active mold companies.  At this time, the contractor I hired pointed out draft angle concerns, due to the low rise of the sleepy eye system, the top cover clip, and a few small other areas.  The potential exists that they feel, the bezel will need to be made in two pieces.  I am currently testing and actively attempting to avoid that, in order to retain the cleanest look possible.

Currently, KDTV will release NO OTHER products until we have a 100% solidified plan in place with a timeline of delivery attached.  The bezels are the log jam in the KDTV system and it must be cleared, for me to move forward, in good conscience.

FOUNDING MEMBER UPDATES - Many people have requested refunds, and have been refunded of their bezel funds, as well as have forfeited their Founding Member status/coin (to be sent).  This is why the coins haven't been sent.  As people withdraw, I must insure that a matching number of coins/cases exist, at the time of shipment.

It is for this reason, that some new founding member positions will open up ahead, as we solidify a plan to complete the bezels through April and May.

Updated on 23 Apr 2024

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