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I have outlined the current bezel timeline and situation we are facing. We have overcome many obstacles to finish the project and we are committed to finishing these. Please see the FAQ for more info

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KnightDriveTV Fact: I go way back in the car industry

I owned several car shops over the years, starting in 2004...I fabricated forced induction systems, owned/operated a chassis dyno, tuned engine management and had cars on SPEEDTV, at SEMA and LA Auto Show. Youtube is my next project; to do something that's never been done a community of enthusiasts sharing in the success of a channel through interactive collaboration, meets, and more!

KnightDriveTV Fact: I despised being on first sema interview was bad!

Next to the mega confident Dave Smith, CEO of Factory mind just went blank. Factory Five F9R project 2022 SEMA...I'm comin for a do over!

KnightDriveTV Current Project vehicles

KnightDriveTV is dedicated to the GM platform; C4, C5, C6 and GMT800

C5 Corvette Sleepy Eye KnightDriveTV

The OG KnightDriveTV C5 Z06

3D designed/printed widebody project ahead!

The main development Corvette of KnightDriveTV. This car helped develop the bugatti inspired sleepy eye 6 LED headlight kit, multiple custom carbon parts and a 3D designed/printed widebody ahead, with custom VOLK TE37's!

1984 Corvette Z51

Off-Road, Drift, Racecar??

The KnightDriveTV C4 Corvette was added as a result of the C5 Z06 taking a hit. Some insurance money divided, obtained the 1984 C4 project. Super clean C4, Z51 and heavily optioned. Many videos ahead on this car!

Lace's 2009 LS3 6spd C6 base

Wrap, suspension, future widebody and carbon part platform

Lace loves her C6, but she hates it stock. This car is undergoing big changes and will establish KnightDriveTV's C6 side quite quickly. Lace will take the forefront on this project...follow her @Laa.cee on instagram!

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71

Overland focused build

This 2002 Tahoe partners with the GMT800 Suburban also appearing quite frequently on KnightDriveTV. The Tahoe will serve as a development platform for new lighting products, custom parts and carbon pieces for the oldie, but goodie GMT800!

We can't discuss this right now

Future video goodness

Looking forward to when the time is right for this one.

1990 Corvette ZR1 "King of the Hill"

LT5 4 cam Lotus V8

KnightDriveTV bought the C4 Corvette ZR1 with some real custom body and design change intentions. The project will target legacy styling, but enhance the ZR1 to the styling it could've had from the factory.


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