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Stop System RECALL between Aug 1st 2022 and March 5th, 2023

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Please look at your stop system and the details below to understand the issue.  I want everyone to understand, that for the first YEAR, our stops worked fine.  It was my desire to make it easier for customers to install, that have unfortuntately led down this path. 

I have left shipping optional, as paying shipping would INCREDIBLY help offseting some small business losses, but you are IN NO WAY responsible.  Paying shipping would be charitable to support the business but not REQUIRED, so the choice is yours.

If your stops look like one of the three examples below, please read to understand what is wrong, so you can be aware of the issue:

1. These stops were sent to a small group from approx Aug 1st to late September 2022.  These stops are compressing inconsistently, due to varying motor strength and small variations in installed height across the multiple years of headlight assemblies.  These can lead to high lift heights, not conforming to the intent of the systems appearance.  This system needs replaced.

2. These stops followed the previous, in an effort to make them more firm and not compress.  This was when many people then informed me, that the height still varied.  The rear headlight bracket tabs on these Corvettes vary enough, that we found only very SMALL variations in seating of this system will lead to large variations in height.  It was concluded a metal stop was required.  This stop system has been "repaired" by wrapping a zip tie around it to add thickness, but this approach is not ideal.  2 of these are still included in the revised system, but with a metal stop added.  You need the metal stop as well.  These were shipped late Sept until early December 2022.

3.  This is where the sad part really starts....the revised setup works great BUT in my efforts to reduce labor time required for me to weld the new and improved metal stops, the tack welds I have applied are fatigue failing.  It appears as the light armature repeatedly hits the stops, due to the location of my tack welds (on the top versus backside of the stop where the original stops were), these are being work fatigued and failing, allowing the tab to break off.  Additional tac welds and/or jb weld applied could fix this issue, but inevitably, these also need replaced.

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