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3D printed or injection molded C5 Corvette sleepy eye headlight bezels are coming.

When I first came up with the KnightDriveTV C5 Corvette TripLED manufacturing process, it really stemmed from the originating fact that I wanted to make a bezel for the 4eyeC5 Corvette headlight kit.  3D printing seemed to allow my ability to make automotive parts, using basic 3D scanning methods and then apply that to simple parts, like bezels.

Fast forward a year after the launch of the KnightDriveTV headlight kit and now I am in the same spot; we need bezels!  So, here is the issue directly affecting the process with the bezels, manufacturing capacity.

Currently, I make all the kits using the Prusa Mini+ 3D printing machines.  We run 16 machines 24/7 to supply enough parts and pieces, to produce 40 headlight kits per week.  These printers come from Denmark, and though I've got many on order, the supply chain, shipping delays and backorder have me waiting.  Until I can increase daily print capacity, the bezels are waiting for the printers.

That being said, they are on the way!  Regardless though, I've considered going straight to a carbon fiber molded bezel.  The issue I face is cost, skilled labor/hiring more people and the commercial space and capacity to do that.  So, it's all a process that is a balance of cost, liquidity to absorb that up front cost, design testing and demand.

In the end, we will see bezels before the summer of 2022, I'm confident of that.  I want them as badly as all those who ask for them.  They're coming!
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