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C5 Corvette KnightDriveTV Headlight Troubleshooting Guide

1.  High beams won't illuminate all 6 after relay install

  • Check red wire fuse holder and be sure you installed red fuse supplied with kit.
  • Be sure ground nut is scuffed and making good ground
  • Make sure flag connectors are securely on top of the tabs that wrap around the fuses
  • With hood opened, listen for relay to click when you go on high beam.  If relay does not click, then the problem is with either the black wire (ground) or the white wire.  White wire pulls power from the fuse box and black is ground.  If both are correct, relay will click.
  • If relay clicks, but function isn't correct check blue wire fuse tap/fuse and check red wire and fuse inside.
  • If nothing above solves the issue, contact me.

2.  Headlights won't go down, when switched to "off" position

  • You must switch into high beam, in order to load the system enough, to make the module retract the lights.
  • Adding a fog light or additional driving light to the low beam circuit will be enough that going into "high beam" won't be necessary.

3.  Headlights won't go down, even when selecting high beam

  • Are all 6 headlights coming on when selecting "high beam"?
  • If all 6 are not coming on, look at #1
  • If all 6 are on and when shutting off they don't retract, check control module you may have removed in passenger light well.  Is it connected?
  • If lights still won't go down, contact me directly

4.  One or more of my lights don't light up correctly

  • The most immediate problem related to incorrect lighting, has to do with the polarity of the plug.  This is in the test procedure of the install video.  Please watch that specific troubleshooting section.
  • If you feel confident polarity isn't the cause and it's one individual side and high or low beam (example: right side high beam light doesn't work, low beam lights on passenger side don't work), check fuses.  There are specific fuses for each side high and each side low beam.  Your fuses are likely unseated.
  • C5 Corvette engine bay fusebox headlight fuses
  • If this doesn't solve your issue, contact me.

5.  Lights make clicking sound when going up

  • This is most likely being caused by your headlight motor gears.  Please search for C5 headlight motor gear replacement and symptoms or post in the KnightDriveTV Corvette Founding Members group on facebook.


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