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Corvette TripLED's Headlights Shipping Updated April 8th, 2023

Thank you for your patience, we are currently experiencing supply shortages of light pods but we are catching up. This is the ongoing impact of the Chinese New Year pause, which stops all production in China for 3 weeks during January and creates large backlogs.  Hang in there!  All production schedules and timelines below for orders of both types.

Round Orders from Oct 18th to January 20th - Shipped
Round Orders from Jan 20th - Feb 22nd - Shipped
Round Orders from Feb 22nd - April 2nd - Shipped

All round orders are currently shipping within 7 days

Square Orders from Oct until Nov 23rd - Shipped
Square Orders from Nov 23rd to Dec 17th - Shipped
Square Orders from Dec 17th to Dec 27th - Shipped
Square Orders from Dec 27th to Jan 19th -  Shipped
Square Orders from Jan 19th - Feb 5th - Shipped
Square Orders from Feb 5th - March 10 - 80 kits of lights will be arriving March 24th and square production will resume.  Some of February orders will ship approx March 28th.  The remaining up until March 10 orders will ship the following week.
Square Orders from March 10 - Current - 160 kits worth of lights are being produced and we expect those lights to arrive here April 11th (will update).  Once arrived we will produce 60 kits/wk.  Current backlog is approximately 93 kits.  Will update when production resumes with order date ranges.  Check back after April 11th-12th.

Please be patient!  These supply issues are out of our direct control and these orders.will be filled immediately upon resupply.  Timelines are only estimates, and these dates could be sooner.

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