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Installation Guide for C6 MaxDin full console HVAC screen and android auto apple carplay radio

Please look through and follow the guide for your 2005-2013 C6 Corvette MaxDin installation.  This installation guide will insure your hvac system, heated seat controls and radio functions work as described.  This unit is the most advanced and specifically build radio console unit ever made for the C6 Corvette, so plug and play installation is guaranteed.  It is critical you just look at the wiring connects and follow the photos.

Below are the rear connection ports and what they are for.  Familiarize yourself with this.  Your HVAC connections and heated seat connections are in row 14. 

MaxDin rear connections

Below are all the wiring and connectors included in your MaxDin box.  Be aware, if you aren't using a 4G sim card, 4 antennas aren't necessary.  This would be for those who intend to just run apple carplay or android auto, with their phone as the units data source.  Most people won't use the 4G and pay a monthly fee for the unit to have data.  Stick your GPS antenna right above the air con vents, but under the surface of the dash (hidden), it will work fine.

Included wiring with MaxDin

This image is VERY important.  WIRE your redbox CORRECTLY.  Doing this incorrectly will lead to the screen not working, but the buttons on the outside for hvac working. 

Red box noise filter connection MaxDin

Below is a representation of what your MaxDin will look like fully loaded with all connectors and harnesses.  Please be sure to route your USB connectors somewhere accessible, as you will need them for updates.  Routing to the glove box or center console are common locations for customers.  Again, NOTE THE RED BOX connections and rear unit connections.

Rear max din connections complete

Below are your RCA connectors and camera harnesses.  If you are running all factory audio components, the RCA isn't needed.  This is used for aftermarket amp connections, etc.  The aux camera cable is for your rear and front camera.  Connect the rear camera to green and your front camera to aux or side, you're choice.

Rear RCA connectors

This is the rear camera wiring reference.  

Reverse camera C6 corvette

Full introduction Installation Video below

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