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Round Corvette Headlight Pre-Buy Updates - November 2022

Updates to the design of the KnightDriveTV Headlight brackets have affected the timeline to deliver the first ROUND C5 Corvette sleepy eye headlights.  In this article, I update and explain why these changes were NECESSARY to insure that all users got the best product possible.

As some of you may know, the round version of the KnightDriveTV headlight kit, was released in somewhat secret.  If you followed KnightDriveTV, you may have known about it, but no specific video has promoted these, to date.  Therefore, if you're one of the prebuyers, rest easy that you'll be one of a very small group to receive these, VERY SHORTLY!  I expect the round lights to be in production this week (Nov 18th approximately) and begin shipping before Thanksgiving.

In designing the bracket system in 2021, the intent was for this system to mount a series of different lights, without requiring any design changes.  Throughout 2021, and the summer of 2022 though, some small issues had been revealed in extreme environments that I wanted to take the time to address.  Additionally, the round lights are larger, which required the bracket be moved downward, for better positioning.  All these changes are necessary, to allow us to move forward and get bezels done!

So, lets talk about if you already have lights; what does this mean?  What this means is, I am constantly evolving the light system, in an effort to ensure that you always have an option to update your appearance, replace any damaged components (due to wrecks, extreme use or just random issues) with the absolute best and strongest parts I can provide.  If you're kit is working as it should, then continue to enjoy the lights as always.  If you run into any issues that affect your lights continued use though, then these new components are there for you!

As you may know, KnightDriveTV 3D prints our modular headlight components with ABS materials, which allows significant strength, durability and load tolerance, despite being a difficult material to work with.  3D printing technology allows KnightDriveTV to make rapid updates, as I am not locked into molds or extensively invested processes.  This manufacturing method allows me to make immediate changes, while continuing to keep costs affordable.  As with all processes though, there are compromises, and understanding how to avoid process weaknesses is key.  

Why the Changes Now?

In this case, I compiled all the combined knowledge and process experience thus far, to create a system that is absolutely the most robust to date.  The reason for this namely, is so that this system can support upcoming lighting systems, which are heavier.  The redesign of this system also allows me to alter the height of the bracket system, in the "sleepy" opening, which became necessary to accommodate the larger round lights.  Allowing me to produce parts that vary the bracket height is critical to accommodate lights of different shapes and sizes.

The newest update adds an "intermediate" gusset style modular member, which is printed in an orientation that places all of it's strengths in all the directions the bracket requires it, with no compromises.  Interlocking modular members, combined with a thin, very lightweight, stainless steel screw holding the entire assembly in tension, acts in a way how rebar affects and reinforces concrete.

corvette sleepy eye headlight kit component
C5 Corvette headlight kit components reinforced

Middle gusset removed from headlight bracket

In addition, the white component is printed in an orientation, that only it's strongest modes are used.  All the components are also designed that no support materials are needed, and manufacturing will not only be easier, but stronger! 

Bottom view of headlight bracket

Outer Mount

This is a huge step forward that has taken time, but the outcome will give these headlight kits all the strength they need, while continuing to be lightweight and affordable.  It's is commonly not possible to achieve the full triangle of "cheap, reliable and high quality" but that has always been my objective.  

More to come!  Carbon, taillights, other headlights, RGB and more!

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